English as a Second Language Program

As its mission, POLY is committed to providing excellent English as a Second Language programs to non-native speakers who are serious about achieving the language proficiency needed to reach their educational and career goals, or simply for their own self-improvement.

We recognize that our students come from diverse cultures and academic backgrounds and that every student has different strengths and weaknesses, interests, and needs. Our curriculum therefore is structured into distinct course types followed by test preparation courses:

  • Listening/Speaking courses where students learn to develop and sharpen their listening and speaking skills;
  • Reading/Writing courses where students develop and sharpen their reading comprehension and writing skills;
  • Grammar courses where students focus on the structure of English;
  • Elective courses where the focus is on American pronunciation, American idioms or introduction to TOEFL iBT;
  • TOEFL iBT Test Preparation courses where students study all skills of English language and test taking strategies of the exam.

Each program consists of 7 levels: 6 ESL levels and a TOEFL Prep course. POLY's ESL program is divided into 3 sub-programs that are designed to better cater to the workload desired by our students. Our Semi-Intensive Program offers only the core components of language learning. In the Intensive Program, students heighten their learning comprehension/retention by adding grammar to their core classes. Our Intensive Plus Program is our best offer since it provides core language components with additional critical and challenging components of the English language such as grammar, pronunciation or idioms. The combination and intensity of this program will enrich students’ language learning.