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Does your agency/company possess all applicable permits and licenses to conduct business in the abovementioned location?
Indicate the average age of your clients.
On average, how many students can you recruit for POLY every two months?
Briefly describe your organization such as the year established, the size (number of staff), the type of services provided, etc.
What features are important to your agency when working with a language school?
Please tell us at least three language schools in the U.S. that you have agreements with.
Please let us know how you heard about us and why you are choosing to work with us?

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By ticking the box, I certify that all information stated herein is true. The company mentioned above is a bona fide agency that assists and consults its clients to study English as a Second Language/Test Preparation programs in the United States. Moreover, the company has valid licenses and permits to conduct business in the said location as submitted to POLY Languages Institute.

With due diligence, the company trains its staff to accurately inform its clients about the school’s program, policies, and procedures. I agree that POLY reserve the right to terminate this agreement without prior notice. All legal claims shall be resolved under the U.S. law in the city of Los Angeles, California.

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